Cherry Picking

Cherry Picking Tour

There are usually about 17 varieties of cherry including varieties such as Sun, Stella, Vista, Suburst and Dons. Having this many varieties allows them to extend the season further which they also do with other fruit like apples. These are usually picked in cooler months but planting varieties such as Pink Lady, Delicious, Granny Smith and Jonathans means that the season spans from late Janaury to mid May as each variety responds different to heat and some bloom earlier than others. In February they expect nectarines to come into season and in March peaches.

We take our bag of cherries back to the car and store it in our car Kakadu’s Chill box (so useful!) and head over to Huntley Berry farms the next day. The tour buses are in full force and there are also cars full of small groups and couples. The man behind the counter is gruff and hands us our baskets and points us in the direction to pick.

Cherry picking tour



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